Health Office

Our school health office is staffed daily during school hours by our Health Tech, Meg Sollee, as well as front office staff when the Health Tech and School Nurse are not in the building.  Mrs. Lynne Ryan, our School RN is at Timnath Elementary weekly (usually on Thursdays) and can be contacted in the health office or any day by cellphone or e-mail (see below).  We support minor health care to help children with bloody noses, scrapes, and bumps. You can visit Poudre School District's Student Health for other health information.

Health Office Contact Information:

Fax Number: 488-6827

Health Tech-Meg Sollee: 488-6831

School Nurse-Lynne Ryan phone number: 556-5908, e-mail:


Immunization Requirements:

Colorado Revised Statutes - School Entry Immunizations

Parent Letter from Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (2018-2019)

Parent immunization letter in 9 other languages

Health Information:

Please inform your school’s health care staff if your child has special health concerns, medications or dietary needs. For information on commonly asked questions regarding student health, please click the links below:

When to Keep Your Child at Home

Preventing Flu

Head Lice

Medication Administration:

Medication Policy – ALL medications (prescription, over-the-counter, long-term or short-term, or asthma inhaler) require a PSD Authorization and Release to Administer Medication Form signed by both the prescribing practitioner and the parent/guardian. This includes Tylenol, cough drops, etc. The form must be signed by both the parent and prescribing practitioner each year. Medication administration forms are available in the health office and on PSD’s Health Services webpage (click HERE). All medications must be in the original bottle/container/package, whether prescription or over-the-counter. No medications will be accepted in envelopes, plastic bags, etc. All medications will be kept in a locked cabinet in the health office. Students may go down to the health office when medication is needed. Students may carry asthma inhalers and Epi-Pens once a PSD Carry and Self-Administer Prescribed Medicine–Asthma-Allergy Form is completed and on file at the school.