What is STEM at the elementary school level?

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Our Vision: 

Timnath Elementary School is a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) – focused school that emphasizes 21st century skills where students creatively think and problem-solve in an engaging, collaborative community.

What does STEM look like at Timnath Elementary?

We are among a small group of elementary schools who are using a STEM focus as our avenue for student     engagement and high achievement.  Our school uses an organic approach to STEM, utilizing locally available  resources, skills, and expertise. At Timnath Elementary, STEM is not only about *what* we teach, but it has     become *how* we teach.  Teachers have had specialized training in using inquiry through a workshop model.  This means that they focus and increase students’   learning by teaching them to ask questions and use   critical and creative thinking to solve real-world problems.   

What does that mean for instruction and achievement? 

We use the Colorado Academic Standards and adopted PSD materials and currriculum as a foundation for teaching and learning.  Our teachers work with colleages, parents, and community partners to develop lessons that expand on STEM-related content, and we foster student inquiry and exploration through STEM learning experiences.

Other special STEM activities at Timnath include the following:

Annual STEM Festival for Timnath families featuring Science Matters, CSU stations, and other local STEM-related guests

Kindergarten Family Math Night

Use of Science Journals in K, 1, 2, and use of inquiry-based workshop model in math and science K-5

Weekly STEM classes for K-5 taught by specialized, certified teachers

CoCoRAHS (3rd grade participates in this nationwide network and study of precipitation)

StarLab (our own portable planetarium)

Engineering Week (4th and 5th grades)

Little Shop of Physics (4th grade Energy unit)

Science Fair (5th grade has had several district winners including Best of Show over the last three years)

EcoWeek (5th grade 3-day, 2-night trip to Estes Park)

Optional before- and after-school Science Matters and LEGO clubs and Odyssey of the Mind competitions

Beginning 2014, a quarterly STEM Day for all grades.