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This is my fifth year at Timnath teaching 5th grade. I am very familiar with this school and all of the great traditions because this was also my elementary school. In fact, Mrs. Dalrymple was my 6th grade teacher. I am a Fort Collins native and enjoy this town very much. During my time outside of the classroom, I enjoy being with my friends, family, and husband. I love spending time outdoors and being active. I enjoy hiking, biking and just spending time in the sun.

Educational Background: 

I attended UNC for college. I completed my practicum in fourth grade and student taught in first grade. What a difference! After graduating, I took a long-term substitute position in fourth grade. The following fall, I started at Timnath teaching fifth grade. I truly enjoy teaching fifth grade. 

Why I enjoy teaching: 

I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher. Teaching is truly my passion. I love watching students grow from the beginning of the year to the end. Being the teacher that bridges from elementary school to middle school is an enjoyable position. I believe every child deserves an education. With teaching, there is never a dull moment and no one day is exactly the same. That is why I look forward to coming to school everyday. 

Favorite Books: 
  • Wonder by R.J. Palacio
  • A Corner of the Universe - Ann M. Martin
  • Sophia's War - Avi 
  • Esperanza Rising - Pam Muñoz Ryan

I enjoy reading historical fiction books and often get good titles from my students. 

Interests & Hobbies: 

I love going to cycling classes along with taking long walks with my dogs. I also like creating jewelry, photography, and spending time with my family and friends 

What I love about my school: 

I am a little biased when it comes to our school, as I attended Timnath myself from third grade to sixth grade. I have seen it's changes over the years. My absolute favorite thing about our school is all of the traditions, especially the Halloween parade down Main Street! I love our students and our staff. Timnath is a very unique school and I feel blessed to be part of it. 

Favorite Quote: 

  “When given the choice between being right or being kind choose kind." 

My Classroom
About My Classroom: 

In my classroom we cultivate a community based on trust and respect. It is a priority of mine to be sure everyone gets along and shows kindness to one another. I feel my role as a teacher is to facilitate not lead. I want my students to take charge of their learning because that creates a sense of ownership. We use inquiry based learning whenever possible. It is important that students find the desire to want to discover and learn even when the teacher is gone. We have fun in my classroom by joking and making school exciting!