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Hello, my name is Mrs. Lane and I am so excited to be teaching music at Timnath Elementary this year! This will be my first year at Timnath. I enjoy baking, playing with my two adorable dogs, watching TV, driving through the mountains and swimming. I am also a HUGE Disney fan. I try to go to Disneyland at least once a year if not more, it is truly my happy place! 

Educational Background: 

I earned my Bachelor Degree in Music Education in the Fall of 2017 from Colorado State University. I also spent a semester teaching elementary music in Boulder Valley School District. I am excited to grow my career and work with wonderful students. 

Why I enjoy teaching: 

I enjoy teaching because I love working with kids of all ages, especially when the subject is music. All children should have the opportunity to sing, play, dance, and be emersed in music in the most positive way. I love bringing joy through music to my students. 

Interests & Hobbies: 

When I am not teaching, I love camping, swimming, watching tv, baking and loving my dogs! 

What I love about my school: 

Timnath has the best culture and growth mindset! 

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K-5 Music