Counselor Corner

Hello!  In October, ALL Timnath Students will receive Bully Prevention lessons.  The research- based curriculum we use focuses on problem solving, assertiveness, friendship skills, emotion management, and empathy.  At Timnath, we teach to the 3 R’s…Recognize, Refuse, Report!  Recognize helps the students recognize if it is bullying.  At Timnath, bullying is identified as being hurtful, intentional and repetitive behavior.  Refuse means to ask the person to stop if the student is comfortable to speak up in the situation.  Report means talking to a trusted adult at school and at home. 

When we empower our students to use the 3 R’s, our Timnath community gets stronger by supporting one another.  Please talk to your child about it! 

*We encourage all students to Recognize, Refuse, and Report bullying.  The most efficient and effective way to address bullying is to let school staff know as soon as possible.  Another method is Safe2Tell, a Colorado Department of Education initiative that is an on-line method of reporting bullying.  Safe2Tell may be accessed at