Due to current health regulations during COVID-19 there will be no volunteering until further notice.

Volunteering at Timnath

Thank you for volunteering in the Poudre School District (PSD) and at Timnath Elementary School. We appreciate your time, energy, and support of our students.

If you have never signed up as a volunteer on PSD's on-line registration, now is the time! The registration policy is part of several proactive steps the district is taking at the request of many district principals, parents, and building volunteer coordinators, to protect the safety of our students and staff. In addition to the policy, the district is:

  • Requiring registration of all volunteers, including both one-time and long-time volunteers.
  • Requiring criminal background checks for all volunteers, including one-time and long-time volunteers.
  • Adding a section for driver's license numbers to the on-line registration form to allow us to cross check dates of birth of our registrants, to ensure accurate background checks.
  • Requiring all volunteers check in at the main office of the school and wear an identification badge during the duration of their volunteer service (after sucessfully registering as a volunteer and being cleared through a background check.)

We realize the new registration policy and additional procedures will take extra time on your part. We know you share our concern for the safety of our students and staff, and we thank you for your patience as we implement these procedures and policies.